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Let me help you on your fitness journey so you can look and feel your best!


I Bring the Fitness to You, so BROWN  can  BRING  out the BEST  in YOU!

Hi! I’m Andy Brown and welcome to 3B PERSONAL TRAINING, a website dedicated to YOUR health and wellness. As a professional personal trainer, I combine my "3B'' major components that make up a healthy, balanced lifestyle: FITNESS, NUTRITION, and INJURY PREVENTION.


I always am aware of providing good safety procedures and doing the exercises with circumspect and caution. These components assist with many benefits, such as improved sleep, decreased disease risk, increased energy, weight loss, building lean muscle, fat burning, and so much more.


So, if you want a lifestyle change, please reach out and together we can build those grassroots for success. Whether you are beginning your health and wellness journey or wanting to advance it, I will help you achieve your goals. Let's begin your journey Now and Together! If you’re in Contra Costa County, California, contact me today!

Why Choose Me 

As a personal trainer who’s an independent contractor, I’m very flexible when it comes to accommodating workout schedules. I can most definitely work with whatever is most convenient for you. My clients don’t even have to leave their homes. They can go to their preferred location and I will go to them. For such situations, I bring my own set of equipment.

New Clients get 10% off of their first package

Refer a friend, you get a FREE session!


Mission Statement 

3B PERSONAL TRAINING is dedicated to giving high-quality health and wellness training that changes your lifestyle by providing good safety procedures and doing the exercises with corrective exercise performance and caution.

Personal Profile 

My athletic career began at the age of 5 playing soccer. Later in life, I progressed to swimming collegiately and beyond. I have always had a passion for sports and fitness, which led to coaching and, eventually, fitness training.

I have been in the Coaching/Fitness Industry for nearly 20 years and counting. I work with teenagers, college athletes, Olympic hopefuls, senior citizens, and EVERYONE in between. Every person has different health and fitness goals and I embrace all genres.

Additionally, my approach to training involves vital rapport building, 100% functional movements, and using the whole body for optimal results. I can also integrate customized nutritional plans for healthy eating habits.

Personal Trainer

Virtual Training

Nutritional Plans

Mike Derezin, CA

"Andy has been my personal trainer for about 8 years. Thanks to his guidance and support, I am in much better shape then when we started. Andy is not only very knowledgeable about fitness, but he's also fun which makes working out far more enjoyable. I highly recommend Andy as a personal trainer."

Natalie Wood, CA

"Andy Brown is an excellent trainer, who really listens to your concerns.  He also takes some time to build up your technique and endurance. Both my husband and I have seen great improvements in our fitness.  He also does in home sessions, providing all needed equipment. I would 100% recommend Andy to anyone including beginners, people with previous injuries, and hardcore exercise enthusiasts.”


Boyanna K, CA

"Despite my ongoing herniated disc problems and low back pain/sciatica, I decided to reach out to Andy to start working out in a very careful and strategic way. Andy took my concerns with genuine concern and started me on a simple yet effective work out program with a goal of strengthening my back muscles without further aggravating the existing issues. Its been going great so far. Andy is knowledgeable, professional and his experience shows with every session that we do. I am looking forward to seeing results and getting back in shape that I was in a while ago. Andy is always on time and he brings all the equipment that we need to my house. He also brings music and his playlists are the best. If you are looking for a fun trainer who knows his stuff, Andy is the man for the job.”


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